Chatbot Solutions

What is Oracle Chatbot Solution(ODA)?

Oracle developed chatbot solution based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Leaning called “Oracle Digital Assistant(ODA)”.

Why Oracle Chatbot?

Greater User Adoption

Deeper Customer Analytics

More Economical

Higher Productivity

A digital assistant is a computer program that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to combine independent chatbots into a single conversational interface that assists real users throughout their day.

Oracle Digital Assistant is Oracle’s 2nd generation intelligent bot platform for customers to build composite chatbot solutions from independent skills.

Use Cases

Student Bot

Case Management Bot

FAQ Management Bot

Why Uway Software Solutions?

INITIALIZE (Prepare, Plan, review): Our experts can understand your system and create and review the roadmap with your team.

DESIGN(Design, Confirm, SignOff): Our experts design and configure your Bot.

EXECUTE(Configure, Build,Test): We configure, build and test your environment

SUPPORT(Prepare, Plan, review): We offer support to your team.

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